Content Services Platforms and
Low-Code Automation
We are not just another software company. We are experts on content-intensive applications and document-centric processes.
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1. Content Services Platforms (CSPs)

CSPs are the backbone of modern information management. We specialize in leveraging these platforms to transform the way organizations handle their unstructured content. Our solutions enable streamlined content creation, storage, access, and analysis, all within a unified, integrated environment. With Axivant, you’ll harness the full potential of CSPs, ushering in a new era of content management.

2. Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

Our IDP solutions are designed to revolutionize how businesses handle documents and data. Using cutting-edge AI and automation, we empower organizations to extract valuable insights from unstructured content, accelerating decision-making, and enhancing efficiency. Axivant’s IDP solutions are your gateway to a smarter, more data-driven future

3. Content Migration

Streamline your digital evolution with our cutting-edge migration platform. Effortlessly transition from outdated Enterprise Content Management systems to the future-ready Content Services Platforms. Experience seamless content and metadata migration, ensuring a swift and secure transfer of your valuable data, while optimizing your workflow for the next generation of digital content management.

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